Do you frequently feel like you’re not being true to yourself? It’s easy to base your opinions on not what YOU truly feel, but on what other people think. In fact it is a societal norm. It’s not such an insignificant thing either, it can greatly shape your actions, thoughts and entire life.

At times this can become frustrating and lead to a person questioning why the opinions of others matter so much. It can be freeing to throw off the burden of these thoughts and consider what we ourselves really think, but often it feels strange and unsettling to do so.

It is a great idea to stop caring so much what others think and search yourself for your own truth. Here are five tips that will help you rationalize the logic of no longer giving a damn what others think!

#1: It’s healthy to question norms

“Everyone else is doing it” isn’t really a great reason to do it yourself! Unless you really want to do it! In a world where no two people are the same it doesn’t make sense to blindly follow the masses on every move or decision.

Just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s what you should do. It may be, but it’s worth evaluating with your own filter to see first. What if everyone knows that you do X but for YOU the best choice is Y? Better give it some real thought.

#2: Most of the masses are unhappy and bored

If most people are doing what most people do, and most people are unhappy and feel they are in a rut, then should you get in line to do the same? Probably not!

It doesn’t take much observation to see that most people aren’t really thriving and super happy, yet most people are falling in line to do what everyone else is doing.

Just “getting in line for what everyone else is having” might be the right move but what if it’s not? Consider what you’d decide if you had no outside examples or opinions.

#3: What do they know?

When you base your decisions on what other people think, you’re probably mentally assuming they thought the situation through and made some great choice that you will tag along on. The fact is they probably put no thought into it at all!

They almost certainly just “fell in line”, doing what “everyone does” with little to no thought about what might be right for them. There are very few original thinkers. Those who are have an advantage. Be one.

#4: You know more about what you want than anyone

This fact shouldn’t come as a big surprise but most never consider it at decision time. No one in this world knows what you want like you do. As much as possible, you should make your own decisions on what you think and do.

Most people just ignore their own personal wants and desires and think “what should I do here? Hmm. What do most people do?” This gets you a cookie cutter decision that’s no doubt right for some, but is it right for you? Only you know!

It’s ok to listen to your OWN wants and desires and needs.

#5: What’s the worst that could happen?

Say you are considering making a decision on your own, without the filter of other peoples opinions. You might find this to be an unsettling exercise, especially if your conclusion is quite the opposite of what most everyone else does.

It makes sense to rationalize and ask yourself: “What is the worst that could happen if I think this over and do exactly what I feel is best for ME, regardless of what anyone else thinks, even if what I decide is very different from the norm?”

If the decision is for you and you’ve truly and honestly thought it through, why not take a chance on it? What is the worst that could happen?

Try it out for yourself

Say you come to a decision point, a fork in the road, and you’ve thought it all through and you know which way you want to go. You know the way you know you should go….. but almost EVERYONE ELSE goes a totally different way! What should you do?

Since the choice will effect you and you are making your own decision with a “clean slate”, no outside opinions, odds are everything will turn out better than if you “just did what everyone else does”. Not worse, better.

Try “sticking to your guns” and doing what you feel is best on some small, non life-changing decisions. See how things turn out when you listen to yourself and tune out the opinions of others.

Since you’ll be one of the few that actually has put some thought into what you’re doing, you’ll have a great chance of things “turning out good”. When things do go good it will give you the confidence to do more of the same going forward.

Soon you’ll truly not give a damn what others think!


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