Anxious? Upset? Regrets? Tense? Nervous? Mind racing?

You want to enjoy life and be happy, but you keep having negative thoughts that cause you to become anxious and make your mind race. It’s starting to become a pattern, a habit. You’re stuck and frustrated.

You’re missing out on life’s joy. You want to be upbeat and positive, but it’s just not happening. Although you have many positives in your life, you seem to only focus on the negatives. Perhaps there are lots of little things, or maybe a couple of big ones you’ve never gotten over.

That was me for sure. I would frequently be in a situation where I should be really happy and enjoying myself, but in my mind I’d be anything but. I’d ignore the good times unfolding all around me!

I can remember being at the birthday party of a friend and instead of enjoying it, I was rethinking an unrelated scene in my mind from the week before. I was beating myself up for the way I handled it. My mind was racing thinking of what I could have said. The party was there but I wasn’t.

Another similar memory was the time I took a much needed vacation to a nice Florida beach. The weather and water were perfect. However, I was very worried about an upcoming decision to be made at work. It was totally out of my control, but worrying about it still ruined a trip for me that I wish I had enjoyed.

Situations like this became more frequent. Eventually the worry and anxiety were too much to push aside and my mind would drift to upsetting thoughts almost constantly. Desperate to quiet my mind, I decided to search for help anywhere and everywhere. 

This was difficult at first because honestly it was hard to admit that I needed any sort of help. Could I really need help? I mean it seems like I should have been able to just move on, but I couldn’t. I had proof otherwise. 

Frustrated, I began searching for methods of dealing with these issues that would help me. This started a quest for knowledge. I began to learn tips and techniques from multiple disciplines. I found some that really helped me

As I began to apply what I was learning I started to notice many positive results. I became more calm, happier, and relaxed. I noticed enjoyable things throughout my day that I normally didn’t see. My days got better and better.

I found YOU CAN calm your own mind and make a huge difference in how you feel. You just need to know some of the techniques available to you. Most people never take the time to learn to help themselves in this way.

If you can relate to losing the joy in life and experiencing excess worry, regret and upsetting thoughts, then this blog is for you. I’ll give you advice and tips on how to relax and enjoy life more and more.

I’m Rich and that’s why I started this blog. It’s about sharing what I’ve learned, helping you maximize enjoyment and minimize the effects of anxiety, regret and worry. I’ve discovered so much that has helped me, I’m dedicated to a lifetime of study & helping others. 

If you’d like to get started today, I’d like to give you a quick freebie to get you started right away! Just enter your email address in the box below and you can start calming your mind and enjoying life more right away. You’ll also receive occasional updates when I have a new tip or technique to share with you.

Join me and start feeling better today!


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